7 Exercises at the office


Today’s competitive and fast-paced lifestyle requires people to work more than one job. Having a full time office job is no longer enough, and more and more people are taking on part time work or a second career that they can do during the weekends. While work is good, there is also a big repercussion to one’s health when a person spends too much time sitting down.

Exercise is still the best way to improve circulation and promote cardiovascular activity – something humans need in order to keep serious health issues at bay. A sedentary lifestyle, coupled with salty and fatty foods is a sure-fire way to invite high blood pressure and diabetes into your life. However, it is also understandable that there’s hardly any time to exercise given a person’s busy schedule. Well, what if there are exercises that you could do right at the office?

Yes, there are exercises which can help promote circulation such as stretches and leg lifts. You can do these without even getting up from your seat. You can do these several times a day, especially when your arms, neck, and head are feeling tired from hunching over the computer all day. You can begin by doing gentle arm, head, and shoulder stretches and rotations. When you’ve warmed up, you can do leg lifts, pull ups, leg curls and even a few lunges in place. Doing so would help you reintroduce activity to your legs and arms.

If you’re curious as to what exercises can be done right in your chair, do take a look at our well-researched infographic below. Here, we show you 7 simple yet very effective exercises which you can do even while you’re busy saving the world!

Infographic courtesy of Garage Gym Builder

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