About Us

About Us

Thanks for dropping by. We are Icidici, an online community magazine serving New Brunswick and our neighbours.

We wish to be the place where geographic communities and communities of shared interest tell their stories. And we aspire to be global.

Top things about contributing

  1. We are a magazine and not a hard news site. As a result, we welcome stories from all periods: past, present and about the future.
  2. We are interested in both fiction and non-fiction, serious opinion and humour, art and science, etc.
  3. Stories can be as short as a picture/video and a paragraph or contain many pictures and paragraphs. In all cases a visual is very helpful.
  4. We do not require exclusivity. In fact we welcome stories that have appeared or will appear elsewhere; all we ask is that contributors have copyright in, or permission to use, the content.
  5. One need not be registered to contribute to our site but it will get your story published more quickly. Registration is simple: in the upper right of the blue bar at the top one can “Join Today”.
  6. There are mini-manuals on how to submit content.

Top reasons to be on Icidici

  1. Be a part of, and promote, your local community.
  2. Tell your story to a broad audience.
  3. Tell your story to those who share your interests.
  4. Let visitors know about your events.
  5. Let people find you more easily.
  6. Make yourself more visible on the web
  7. If you have a website, post here too & increase its profile.
  8. If you don’t have a website, Icidici can be an alternative (and we can also build a site for you).

Top reasons to advertise on Icidici

  1. Traditional media (print and broadcast) are declining and/or splintering into many channels: the audience for any one outlet is declining.
  2. Icidici advertising costs less than traditional media.
  3. Icidici advertising lasts longer than traditional media that disappears after the broadcast or when the paper goes into the recycle.
  4. Icidici advertising can be focused on a local community.
  5. Icidici advertising can be focused on a special interest.
  6. Icidici advertising is easily changed and therefore always current.
  7. Unlike many sites, Icidici doesn’t track users on the web (no creepy stuff here).
  8. Ads can be placed on Icidici quickly and easily.

Please let us know what you think: welcome@icidici.com.

Oh, and if you’re wondering about our name, have a look here.

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