Travel to the Pulau Pantara Resort – Kepulauan Seribu


Pulau Pantara Resort vacation to the island tourists can enjoy the beauty of the sea is clean with blue and greenish sand smooth and soft and also has a large cottages and beautiful coral reefs in the island Pantara. Island travel Pantara, Kepulauan seribu island furthest from the tourist islands in a thousand islands, a trip to the Pulau Pantara Resort takes approximately 2 hours using a large ship when totaled over 50 people. with a snorkeling and diving tourists can see quite a lot of coral reefs and also the clarity of the water makes the tourists to snorkel and diving again. Many Japanese people pantara island tourism island since ancient times Pantara managed by JAL (Japan Airlines) and the current pantara island resort is managed by Artha Graha Group.

Pulau Pantara Resort has included island star hotels and pantara island also known as the Pulau Seribu  marine resort, a floating restaurant that serves a variety of tastes of traditional Indonesian cuisine, oriental, western or japanese. Pantara Island, a resort that is farthest away compared to other resort islands. So that the condition of the water and coral reefs is certainly clearer and better than the islands closer. It is very suitable for your hobby watersport snorkeling or diving.

The facilities available on the Pulau Pantara Resort like: Cottage, Bar, Field played, Dive shop rental Snorkeling and Diving, Meeting Room, Swimming Pool, Tennis, Table Tennis, Jetsky, Banana Boat and Canoe. Pantara island resort Kepulauan Seribu has a very romantic atmosphere that would make a great travel destination for tourists who are making love or who want a honeymoon and also with family, co-workers or companies to hold events on the island Pantara.

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